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Clean Water For Everyone

Rayed Tayeb 14 October,2016

The cultural capital of Maharashtra, Pune, now aims to add another feather in the cap with an ambition to become the most liveable city in India. The horizons of Pune city are expanding at a rapid speed. To make the city future-proof from a potential situation of the water crisis, Pune Municipal Corporation proactively conceived the ambitious and futuristic 24x7 water supply project.

The crucial objectives of the visionary project are:

  • Reduce the amount of water losses and non-revenue water
  • 24 hours distribution of water every day
  • Safe and equitable water
  • supply to all the citizens

Pune Municipal Corporation is working with a clear strategy to make the equitable water supply a reality, keeping in mind the population projections for the next 26 years. According to scientific studies, the projected population of Pune city in 2047 would be around 73.75 lakhs. Adhering to the global standards of infrastructure development, Pune Municipal Corporation started planning and implementing for the future city in 2047.